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6U Rules


NSYS Rules and Guidelines.

  1. Games will start at the scheduled time.  Ensure Players arrive early and warm up prior to the start time.  When the scheduled time arrives immediately take the field for instructions and begin play.  Games MUST START ON TIME, and no GAME will run past their allotted time
  2. One Coach per team is allowed on the field with the players.
    1. Ensuring all player are rotated in every position.  No one is allowed to play a set position
  3. Games consist of 5 players, with no goalie.  If a team is short players, teams will be at even strength.(If necessary you can add players to the other team to ensure fair play time.)
  4. Games consist of 8 – 5 minute segments.  There is no halftime.
  5. Slide tackling is not allowed, players must be on his/her feet to play.  Refs and Coaches will stop play to instruct players.
  6. All players must wear uniforms(pinnies, for the rare occasions when swapping of players happens)  The uniform must be the outer most layer of clothing.  Please ensure coats and sweaters are under the uniform.
  7. Coaches and Referees will protect all players from dangerous plays.  Including but not limited to, Pushing, Slide tackles and attacking the ball with a player on the ground.
  8. No Coach or Adult should touch the ball while in play or interfere with the play of the game.  The game may be stopped for instructional purposes with the clock continuing to run.
  9. No coach, assistant or parent is allows to instruct from the end lines(behind the goals).
  10. Since 4 ball will be used during games.
  11. Spectators should maintain a slight distance from the coaches and players(this is the only division we allow parents to be on the same side as the coaches, but a slight distance must be maintained.
  12. Referees will allow additional chances for dead ball situations for instructional purposes.
  13. Referees are in charge of the game at all times, no decision is to be challenged by coach or parent.  They have the final say in all matters, including removing spectators from the field.
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